Steps to launch your campaign

To launch your campaign, watch the video below or follow the steps below:  


  1. Login to your account
  2. Click Create Campaign
  3. Choose a Campaign Name
      • Choose a name for your campaign (only you will see this)  
  4. Choose a Title for the Post
      • Adding promotions to your advertisements is a great way to generate both traffic and sales on your site
      • Promotions range from  “Free Shipping” to “20% off for first time customers”
  5. Upload Images
      • Upload a maximum of 6 product images
      • The file size of each image must not exceed 40kb and must be exactly sized to 1200x628
      • Pollen accepts JPG, PNG, or GIF formats  
  6. Choose a Headline
      • Pick a strong headline that will speak to the collection or types of products you are advertising
      • For example, “New Premium Winter Collection,” works as a great headline for your ad units 
  7. Description
      • Choose copy that will speak to the types of products that you sell
      • For example, a skincare brand could use “Smart, high-performance skincare focusing on fast results with long-term payoff” for their copy
  8. Choose a URL
      • A destination URL is the page a user will land on once they click on your advertisement
      • Destination URLs should be directly related to the content in your ads to ensure a seamless user experience   
  9. Select a Call to Action (CTA)
      • CTAs are what entice potential shoppers to click on your ad
      • Select a CTA from the dropdown bar such as “Learn More” and “Shop Now”
  10. Select Location
      • Select the country that you ship to or would like to target
  11. Select Age Range
      • Select the customer’s age you’d like to target  
  12. Select Gender
      • Select Both unless you only want to target your ads to Women or Men  
  13. Set a Budget
      • Set a weekly or monthly budget you’re comfortable with
      • We recommend running longer campaigns as Pollen learns as it goes
      • The longer the campaign and more impressions served, the greater the opportunity for Pollen to adapt and optimize your campaign  
  14. Choose a Schedule
      • Here you can choose to run your ads continuously or for a set period of time
      • You may choose any day you wish to start the campaign
  15. Payment Info
      • Input the credit or debit card of your choice, then submit and pay for your campaign
      • You can also save your card details for future campaigns
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