Steps to launch your campaign

To launch your campaign, follow the simple steps below.   

  1. Login to your account
  2. Click Create  Campaign
  3. Choose a Campaign Name:
    • Choose a name for your campaign. Only you will see this.  
  1. Choose a Title of Post:
    • Adding promotions to your advertisements is a great way to generate both traffic and sales on your site. Promotions could be anything from “Free Shipping” to “20% off first time customers”.
  1. Upload Images:
    • Upload a maximum of 6 product images. The file size of each image must not exceed 40kb and be exactly sized to 1200x628. Pollen accepts JPG, PNG, or GIF formats.  
  1. Choose a Headline:
    • Pick a strong headline that will speak to the collection or types of products you are advertising. For example, “New Premium Winter Collection,” works as a great headline for your ad units.  
  1. Description:
    • Choose copy that will speak to the types of products that you sell and your brand’s ethos. For example, a skincare brand could use “Smart, high-performance skincare focusing on fast results with long-term payoff”, for their copy.  
  1. Choose a URL:
    • A destination URL is the page a user will land on once they click on your advertisement. Destination URL’s should be directly related to the content in your ads to ensure a seamless user experience.   
  1. Select a Call to Action (CTA):
    • CTA’s are what entice potential shoppers to click on your ad. Select a CTA from the dropdown bar such as “Learn More” and “Shop Now”.
  1. Select Location:
    • Select the country that you ship to or would like to target.
  1. Select Age Range:
    • Select the customer’s age you’d like to target.  
  1. Select Gender:
    • Select Both unless you only want to target your ads to Women or Men.  
  1. Set a Budget:
    • Set a weekly or monthly budget you’re comfortable with. We recommend running longer campaigns as Pollen learns as it goes. The longer the campaign and more impressions served, the greater the opportunity for Pollen to adapt and optimize your campaign.  
  1. Choose a Schedule:
    • Here you can choose to run your ads continuously or for a set period of time. You may choose any day you wish to start the campaign.
  1. Payment Info:
    • Input the credit or debit card of your choice, then submit and pay for your campaign. You can save your card details for future campaigns here.
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