Pollen's review process

How long does it take for my campaign(s) to go live?

Between Monday and Friday, our goal is to approve all campaigns within 24 hours. However, in certain instances it may take longer for the campaign to go live. All campaigns are reviewed in the order they are received. 

Review Process Terminology 

  • Active: Your campaign is live and delivering impressions.
  • Pending: Your campaign is in the review process and will go live within 24 hours, if it is not rejected.
  • Rejected: Your creative did not pass our initial audit and there are items that you need to fix in order for us to approve your creative. The most common causes for ads being rejected are as follows: ads are missing key elements like a logo, call-to-action, or a headline. Also, an ad will be rejected if the products or images that are being displayed are for explicit or otherwise unauthorized materials. To learn more about restricted content, visit here.  



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