Navigating your dashboard

Your navigation runs across the top of the page when you are logged into Pollen. You can launch new campaigns, check in on existing campaigns, and get additional resources from our Help Center.

1. Create a New Campaign

From here, you can launch a new advertising campaign.  

2. Reports

This section lists your performance data and campaign standings for each campaign. Here, you can view data points like click-through-rate, cost per click, impressions served, and budget remaining. You can also edit existing campaigns.  

3. Help

Find answers to common questions, learn about best practices for how to improve your campaigns, or learn more about Pollen. You can also reach out to our customer success team to answer any questions that you don’t find answers to here.

4. Settings

You can manage the payment methods you have stored and change your password if you are on an eCommerce platform other than Shopify.

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